Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Vapourisation Booth

Oh Yes!

The Leader of the Gang is out and free to we really want him back so he can take up where he finished off? Allowed to sell his story as rumour has it that his Royalty account is running a little thin...well that's so surprising!...Not a lot of takers for the back catalouge of the "Fondling Greats".

The problems is that it's not the lack of remorse or the fact that his filthy perversion seems to be a comfort to him as he now intends to write a book outling his innocence. He can never be rehabilitated he is going to be a constant cost and embarrasment to the British Public . Something more drastic needs to be done.

I suggest with all this wonderful science we develop a "Vapourisation Booth". A enclosed unit which can deliver an intense and sustained burst of heat to render the occupant into a small heap of ashes. It can be operated from the outsaide as well as the inside should the occupant dilly dally about. Then I would shove Gary the The Perv into and give him 20 minutes to reflect on his evil behaviour, play a couple of his hits to remind of times when he was a true performer and then PSssssttt. Hit the button (Perhaps play the Sugar Babes Hit Single).

This application could be used for a whole range of crimes against the State...I know this probably sounds like the meanderings ogf a Nit-Wit but but look at the obvious advantages!!